Sindorsky Lake

The Sindorsky Lake (the Komi sea) is a taiga lake of unheard beauty, which remained from the prehistoric sea. An enormous water body (12 km long and 2-4 km wide) is located 13 km away from the railway station of Sindor, Knyazhpogostsky district, Komi Republic. Multiple early man sites were discovered on its banks in the early 20th century. Besides, it is famous for its labyrinths, made by islands: continental (13 total) and migrating (peat and vegetable quagmires). The lake is part of a bigger wildlife preserve.

According to the Komi mythology, the hero Yirkap lived by the lake Sindor. A sorceress bet with him that he would kill thirty deer, but he wouldn’t have the thirty-first, blue one. Indeed, the hunter having got thirty deer couldn’t find the blue one for a long time. Finally, he saw it and after a long chase caught it. After that the deer turned into a magpie but Yirkap did not let it fly up, having broken its wing with a stick and killed it. It turned out that it was the sorceress’s daughter who deprived the hero of his magic force in revenge. Soon after that Yirkap fell under the ice and sank in the lake.

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